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Horana Industrial Estate

Kalutara, Western

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+94 342 261 282

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Distance from Colombo
49.5 km
Year of Commencement
Extent of Land


The location is situated 49.5 km away from Colombo in the district of Kalutara, within the Western Province of Sri Lanka. The project or initiative in this area commenced in 1978. The land in this location spans an extent of 21 acres, 2 roods, and 10 perches.


Description Total No. of Plots No. of Units / Plots allocated No. of plots /Units Vacant No. of Industries
Developed Plots 66 66 0 14
In Operation
Not in Operation
Industries Total No. of Plots New Allocation Closed Residential Plots / Units
14 66 0 0 0 0


    No. Name of Industry Category Link
    1 Lakpa Footwear (Pvt) Ltd Footwear View
    2 M.D.K. Food Products (Pvt) Ltd Food products View
    3 Lalan Engineers Foundry
    4 Lal Tyre Re-treaders Tyre Retreading
    5 Cammy Industries Helmet manufacturing
    6 Elastomeric Engineering Co. (Ltd) Rubber based products
    7 Lakpa Footwear (Pvt) Ltd Footwear View
    8 Sanjeewa Furniture Furniture
    9 Dimuthu Product (Pvt.) Ltd. Furniture
    10 Global Surgical Products Surgical Bandage
    11 Pasan Retreaders Tyre Retreading
    12 Associated Castloy Eng. (Pvt) Ltd Foundry work View
    13 Summer Field Chemicals (Pvt.) Ltd, Granular and liquid fertilizer
    14 Jagath Food Products Rice-based products
    15 Sholay Plastic Industries Plastic

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