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Kaludewela Industrial Estate

Matale, Central

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Distance from Colombo
159 km
Year of Commencement
Extent of Land


Colombo is located 159 km away from Matale District in the Central Province. The project in question began in 1993 and covers an extent of land measuring 08A-00R-10P.


Description Total No. of Plots No. of Units / Plots allocated No. of plots /Units Vacant No. of Industries
Developed Plots 45 43 2 18
In Operation
Not in Operation
Industries Total No. of Plots New Allocation Closed Residential Plots / Units
14 37 4 6


    No. Name of Industry Category Link
    1 Fashion Sofas Household Furniture
    2 Thusitha Aluminium Industries Aluminium Goods
    3 Chamikara Industries Wooden Furniture View
    4 Appex Trading Company Plastic Goods
    5 Greenpack Industries Polythene Recycling
    6 Crown Tyre Retreaters Tyre Retreading
    7 Rajah BMC Concrete Hume Pipe View
    8 Star Metal Industries Aluminium Goods
    9 Kudaligama Fertilizers Dolomite Powder / limestone powder View
    10 Infra Industries Packaging of Spices
    11 Imalsha Furniture Furniture
    12 Matale Flour Mill Rice Four
    13 Sampath Enterprises Dolomite
    14 Macksol paint Manufacturing wall paint & wall filler
    15 Kandy Fabric (Pvt) Ltd Power Loom / Handloom Fabric
    16 Damsila Resouces pvt ltd Mica products
    17 Uvaan Enterprises Aluminium Goods
    18 Pesera Lime Lime Product
    19 Rasira Confectionery Confectionery

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